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Cloud PBX & VoIP

Cloud PBX & VoIP

In today’s fast-paced world of business, communication systems are ever-evolving. They require businesses to rapidly adapt to meet the demands of these changes. Telephone technology today is much more than simply listening to a voice or waiting for a dial tone. Businesses are now striving to ensure that their employees are equipped with cutting edge features such as the ability to move between a desk phone and mobile devices. While this type of infrastructure allows for increased efficiency, it can turn out to be a costly venture. Current systems available need to occupy your valuable business space. Then there’s endless wiring going to local carriers and expensive desk phones. This is highly impractical for any modern organization.

It’s time to say goodbye to annoying onsite-hardware and ongoing maintenance issues. Switching to cloud based PBX is the ultimate solution and one that many companies are now taking advantage of. With the global cloud PBX market expected to reach over $12 billion in 2018, cloud based PBX technology brings with it some impressive benefits:

1) Superior Reliability – Traditional PBX systems are costly and time consuming. When they fail, it can be days before the problem is resolved. During this time, you risk losing valuable customer interactions. With a cloud-based PBX system, if everything crashes, it will be instantly re-connected to a working site without anyone even noticing. If there is an issue, the provider handles it. No more hiring IT experts in your business.

2) Simple scalability – Whether you are wanting to scale up or down, cloud-based PBX systems make this process easy. It doesn’t matter whether you are growing by 2 seats or 200 at a time. Through a web portal, adding extra lines to a hosted PBX system is fast and lets you get you with handling your company’s calls. Traditional systems took days to add new users. Cloud-based PBX gets it done in a fraction of the time.

3) Outstanding Features – With advanced features such as remote call management, auto attendant, voicemail, email, hold music, directory and voice messaging, it’s no wonder that organizations are moving to cloud-based PBX systems. Data can also be collected and analyzed so that your organization can develop better ways to enhance your customer’s experience.

4) Business cost-effectiveness – Cloud-based PBX systems do not require vast sums of money to set up. There’s no annoying ongoing maintenance issues or staff required to manage it.

5) Enhanced Customer Experience – To meet customer demands, you need seamless systems in place and ones that can produce results quickly. Cloud-based PBX systems keep your customers smiling and gives your business the edge.